Our SmartCheck Hotel Kiosks

Liverton’s SmartCheck kiosk brings the convenience and functionality of self-service kiosks to your hotel guests.
SmartCheck allows guests to quickly check in and out, make payment, and receive their room key without having to wait in long lines.

SmartCheck Accesso

Tablet based compact unit, movable and easily deployable. Cost effective, eloquent and world class design. Affordable.

SmartCheck Pastilla

Tablet based solution that is built into furniture or front desk. Liverton provides the design and components. Multiple configurations.

SmartCheck Classic

Standard floor standing design – movable and includes all components including passport scanner and A4 printer. Well designed and easy of maintain.


Sleek, elegant and smooth design – versatile for any hardware set-up, and enhances the front desk and lobby of any hotel.


Large centric touchscreen machine that can be used to advertise and promote services to guests when not in use. Sleek, fine design.


We produce custom Kiosks on request – whether wall mounted, built into stone or other materials – any design is possible from our team.

Configurability & Analytics


SmartCheck platform provides comprehensive reporting on how your Kiosks are operating and has been built from the ground up to be as flexible as possible to support different hotel bookings, business rules and guest types

Streamlined & Proven Integration


SmartCheck has deep integration into all major hotel lock and property management system providers meaning we can check-in/out all different types of a hotel guests

Theme Customisation


SmartCheck platform provides an easy-to-use web interface to customise your kiosk’s theme. You can customise your theme’s colours, as well as set up the terms and conditions, and configure the messages that users see at different steps of the flows.

Full Kiosk Session Information


SmartCheck allows you to easily access detailed information about kiosk sessions and see how customers are interacting with your kiosks. You can find specific sessions and check exactly how a customer’s interaction unfolded from start to finish.